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From concept to product, Frostbit AS builds your project. We design, prototype and code you'r applications in a streamlined pipline. All work is done from scratch with the best expertise available. We are a flexible team of talents with our own field of exellence and over 20 years of combined experience. With a dedicated designer, UX developer and engineer we build applications with ease. We strive to make simple and accesible applications for our customers to an affordable price.

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  1. It's been amazing working on the Mack Explo commercial. Check out their brand new energy drink, Mango Passion.

  2. We just started working with an amazing group of people from Magy Media, head on over and check out what they're about.

  3. Introducing Mystore Stories, a new and exciting project in cooperation with Mystore AS, Norways largest e-commerce platform provider.

  4. Boost your visitors with our dynamic Advent Calendar. Check it out and maby build your own:

  5. We visited Woroom, what a stunning showroom! Check out their new and amazing shop:


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